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Studies are starting to peel back the ways that our gut bacteria (and skin bacteria, and other bacteria colonies) may impact not just our health, but potentially who we are. If you enjoy exercise, creativity, or struggle with depression, it might actually be the bacteria. A new preliminary study is taking the causation a bit […]


3 Easy Ways to Boost Memory

September 27, 2018

It doesn’t need to be explained how important memory is, whether it’s used for cherishing our past, avoiding repeating mistakes, or just getting through the day remembering where your keys are. But it can suffer through disuse, age, poor diet, and more. Here are three easy ways to help boost and protect your memory, now […]

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When talking about the best way to support your health, experts love to play tug of war over fish oil. A study comes out showing that it supports heart, eye, or brain health, or that it’s good for longevity. A contrary piece comes out—don’t we know taking fish oil is bad for the environment? And […]

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From organizing the perfect garden to improving your golf game, warm weather invites hobbies. Make the most of the time you have for them by keeping your mental facilities sharp! Stay focused, improve skills faster, and make sure you’re using the best strategies. You might spend a lot of time preparing for a hobby—attending a […]

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It’s long been held that you can’t bank sleep on the weekends—you need to get enough each and every night for optimal health. But there might be one important aspect of health that does benefit from a little more weekend sleep—longevity. Lack of sleep is hard on your heart and mind. It can make it […]

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