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There are lots of cultures built around tea, and they offer some wonderful tea habits to stick into our own day. Tea, especially something healthy like our caffeine-free Jiaoguolan, can be a healthy addition to your day in and of itself, or it can be a substitute for coffee if you’re trying to cut caffeine. […]


There are many basic health routines that improve both mental and physical health, but here’s an easy one that almost everyone likes: sleep. Get more, and do it better, and your night’s rest could be elevating your mood to “lottery winner” levels! It’s easy to make a few simple changes, and there’s lots of healthy […]

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Struggling to drink enough water? Just want to do something easy to support your heart health, stomach health, or overall health? Trying to give up sugary drinks or cut back on caffeine? Need a restorative break during the day? Do it all with a simple cup of tea. Morning, noon, or night, an herbal tea […]

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I’m not talking about wind or solar, I’m talking about what gets you up and moving in the morning. Caffeine is widely accepted as a way to start your day, but there are plenty of downsides. It may not go well with certain medications, or chronic conditions (like heart disease, certain hormone problems, anxiety, etc.), […]

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Fall in a Cup

September 9, 2016

Here’s something worth noting for the holidays: a sweet drink may be giving you more teaspoons of sugar than a small pastry. A pumpkin spice sugar drink might say fall to you, but here’s something healthier you can try: the fresh earthy taste of Jiaogulan tea. No added sugar but lots of antioxidants, Jiaogulan is […]

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