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Sleep is good for you. It lets your brain flush and reset itself. During sleep, your body performs routine maintenance, including cardiovascular support. Everyone needs sleep—it’s a myth that some people only need 4-6 hours (tests show they’re functioning well below average and shouldn’t even be driving!), and that we need less sleep as we […]


May is stroke awareness month, and of all the days, weeks, and months given to various diseases, this is one of the more important ones. Fighting against stroke is in your hands—not just in terms of prevention, but in taking immediate action. What are the chances you will have to know the signs of stroke? […]

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A study has found a correlation between getting hot flashes early—between 40 and 53—and having a higher risk for heart disease. While the study was limited in racial diversity, it did control for other factors that can negatively impact heart health, leaving hot flashes as their own distinct warning signal. What’s a hot flash? It’s […]

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If tea isn’t something you’ve paid a lot of attention to, you may only be familiar with plain black tea or over sugared coffee shop flavored “tea” drinks. There are many different types of tea out there: black, green, and white are all specifically from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis), and then there are many […]

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The Effects of Stress

November 14, 2016

It’s been a stressful year for everyone. Last week we talked about breaking out of the cycle stress can stick you in. But all over social media, people are still talking about experiencing the side-effects of stress, including IBS, high blood pressure, insomnia, and weakened immune system (the short way of saying a lot of […]

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