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Get Body Relief Faster

February 29, 2016

Have you heard the phrase “just putting a band-aid on it”? It means just patching something up—and not really fixing it. That’s kind of what most pain relievers are like. It’s nice to end pain, and they have some value since they protect wounds, keep them moist, and allow for healing. Similarly, pain relievers can […]

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Calm the Ache

December 30, 2015

Storms, maintenance, even fun can cause your joints to twinge, ache, and creak. Don’t let it slow you down, though. While most pain relief just masks the problem, natural pain relief helps target causes of joint pain like inflammation by supporting your body with antioxidants, herbs, and more. An aging problem? Sometimes. Joints can wear […]

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People, understandably, tend to focus on headliners: Heart Health! Brain Function! Beautiful Skin! Feel Goods! It’s easier than thinking about how complex and intricate our bodies are. But it’s not just your heart that deserves good health—it’s all the veins and arteries that go with it. It’s not just getting fit with exercise, it’s supporting […]

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There’s dozens and dozens of studies talking about how important exercise is, especially as we age. Here’s another one to consider: maintaining regular moderate exercise (especially as you hit your 70s and 80s) will help you to keep independence longer, and is associated with a better quality of life. It doesn’t take sweats and a […]

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