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Study after study confirms that owning a pet, especially a dog or cat, offers health benefits. Researchers recently reviewed a pile of studies and concluded that indeed, there’s a mental health benefit when you care for a dog or cat—and a slight dip when they get ill and pass.


Make sure your dogs and cats have a good holiday, too! Here are some tips on keeping them safe, and some common holiday dangers to watch out for: Around the house, the holidays introduce a lot of dangers for pets. For some pets, ornaments and presents can be a temptation with some pets wanting to […]

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Pets Need Immune Support, Too

September 18, 2017

If your pets spend time outside, visit dog parks, occasionally go to a kennel, have other pets visit, travel with you or any other number of things, they need a little immune support, too. Dogs and cats have their own world of communicable diseases, and can get bacterial diseases (ear, mouth, digestive infections) just like […]

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Lyme disease, flu, salmonella; pets can be a path for serious illness to get into your family. With some good habits and prevention, pets can be a rewarding support and comfort in your life. But it might still be worth some extra immune support from colloidal silver. Dogs and (often) cats love the outdoors, but […]

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Dog Flu in the US

May 31, 2017

Florida has an outbreak of highly contagious dog flu. If you have dogs (or cats!) then take a few preventative measures for them against dog flu. Dogs have no resistance to the flu, and a cough or sneeze can spread it up to 20 feet, leading to a quick outbreak via dog parks, kennels, and […]

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