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Research is pursuing Resveratrol as a possible means to fight aging. While lots of good things are already known about Resveratrol, like it helps prevent free radical damage, is already linked to longevity, weight loss, and diabetes support, this new research is showing a lot more of what Resveratrol may be capable of. According to […]


There’s a lot of misinformation about skin care out there, especially if you’re looking for natural solutions. For instance, you might hear people suggesting to make rubs using salt, baking soda, or to apply rubbing alcohol, all of which are horrible for your skin (nevermind your more delicate facial skin!). The problem stems from most […]

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Hepatitis C has been shown to be able to access the brain—an important breakthrough that may lead to improved treatment of Hepatitis C symptoms in the future. The blood-brain barrier is like a more tightly-woven version of the cell barriers that exist throughout the body; only very small, or very specific substance types can get […]

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