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6 Swaps To Make This New Year

December 29, 2015

You may have made a holiday gift list, but how about a list of ways to improve your health in the New Year? Most people focus on their health when writing up a New Year’s resolution—but it’s no longer all about appearances. If you’re looking to foster a healthier lifestyle, try making small swaps rather […]

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Feel Like You Need A Detox?

August 26, 2015

Worried about toxins? It seems like every corner has something going on, whether it’s in the water (and potentially getting into the food), the air (fires cause smoke, after all), or just your home (you’d be surprised). Try Zeolite (and follow it up with Humic and Fulvic minerals!). Zeolite acts kind of like a net, […]

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Do you occasionally cleanse? A safe cleanse or detox can be restorative, and doesn’t need to be done often. But there are lots of different kinds—all are meant to remove toxins, but some do it by adding things/foods, and other by subtracting. Both methods can be right at different times! Cleanses that work by taking […]

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Please Cleanse Safely!

August 19, 2014

Pinterest is a great place to find health tips, easy, healthy recipes, exercise plans, and even motivation to keep you going. But you need to use a discerning eye—pinners tend to be an overzealous crowd and I’ve seen a few trends taking off that aren’t really safe, or require a bit more caution. Cleanses and […]

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Here are some statistics to scare the heck out of you: Massachusetts estimates that they have at least 100,000 people infected with Hepatitis C, and 75% of that number are estimated to be currently unaware. On top of that, statistics compiled by the CDC estimate that half of those who find out they have Hep […]

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