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Cold and Flu

Jump Into Spring

February 23, 2017

A few warm days and many are ready to be more active. Getting outside into some warm weather is more than just an opportunity for exercise, it’s an opportunity to help clear out some of the cold and flu that’s going around, boost vitamin D levels (helping your immune system), and help improve mood. Ready […]

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The NHS is constantly looking for ways to cut costs, and sometimes something good comes from all that penny pinching. Looking at data from 11,000 patients from 14 countries, they found a clear benefit to the cost of making sure everyone got more Vitamin D. Vitamin D is hard to get from food. Aside from […]

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Friends were recently complaining about how they’d just gotten over what they thought was the last cold of the season, only to get hit with a snap of cold weather and have another sweep of colds/sinus infections go through the area. And, icing on the cake, some flowerbeds are showing green sprouts already, so it’s […]

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Fix the Little Things

November 10, 2015

Wouldn’t it be great to follow every recommendation? Whether it comes from the latest study, your doctor, or accepted folk wisdom. But, as with many things, you might be surprised how many things are slipping past you each day. While you may focus on the big things: hand washing, resting when you’re sick, getting a […]

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