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The Power of a Sneeze

December 18, 2019

Eight feet away and up to 100 miles per hour—that’s the potential germ spreading power of a sneeze. You might be getting sick, already sick, or just carrying cold or flu, but it’s important to slow and stop the spread of germs this cold and flu season. And when people cough and sneeze around you—make […]

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Type B Flu Rate High

December 11, 2019

Once thought a mild flu strain because it mutates slowly, we now know influenza Type B to be responsible for some of the most serious flu cases—especially in more vulnerable populations (people with weaker immune systems). During most flu seasons Type B flu makes up ⅓ of cases. This season, which is already going hard […]

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The number one way to prevent most diseases, including common winter illnesses like flu and Norovirus/other stomach illnesses, isn’t just agreed upon by medical professionals and supporters of natural health—it’s something you can do with minimal effort! Hand-washing has come up in another study as a main source of disease transmission, and one of the […]

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The common cold has already been making the rounds this year. How do you know if you have cold symptoms? And did you know you can get the common cold more than once? Get ready for the common cold this year—avoid it, get through it, and try not to get it more than once! Cold […]

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Is It Flu?

March 4, 2019

Flu season is still going, making headlines with school and business closures, hospitalization rates, and more… it’s an average flu season, with mediocre flu shot success. You might be wondering if that tickle in your throat is the flu, or if your coworkers sniffles are the start of an office wide outbreak. Know flu symptoms […]

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