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Colloidal Copper

Support Your Skin and More

October 11, 2018

If you eat the average American diet, you’re probably a little low on vitamins and minerals. The recommended daily doses are enough to prevent severe deficiency, not enough for optimal health and well-being. When people get a little more Vitamin D, they feel a little more energetic and happy, more Vitamin B12, and they have […]


You may think you’ve checked that box off—sunscreen applied, time for a great day. But research suggests that most people aren’t using sunscreen correctly—if they’re using sunscreen at all! Even a minimal amount of sun exposure—not enough to cause sunburn on unprotected skin—causes DNA damage, which can have serious long term consequences. Make sure that […]

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Colloidal silver and colloidal gold tend to hog the spotlight. Colloidal silver has a long history as potent immune support, and is of growing interest to the medical field as they combat superbugs and bugs previously believed to be hard to kill. Colloidal gold boosts the brain, and is reported to support memory, hand-eye coordination, […]

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No one is trying to look older by letting their skin go—but even if you don’t want a complicated skin regime to beat back the ticking of the clock, there are simple steps you can take to help it look and stay younger with minimal time and effort, like supporting skin health with colloidal copper.

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Spring, the season of youth, is almost here. That warm, flowery smell, the bright colors, and all the outside activities. It takes me back to school, and knowing summer, and freedom, were almost here. It’s a time of year where you want to feel healthy and young. Fortunately, it’s not always hard to turn back […]

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