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Build a Better Brain

May 3, 2019

Research consistently shows that even post-middle age, you can work to build the brain of a healthy 20-something. How? 15 minutes of sitting and doing nothing–or basically, meditate. While clearing your mind is a practice anyone can pickup, even if it’s just five minutes a day, other forms of meditation, like some yoga practices, can […]


When the weather warms up everyone tends to focus on physical health, physical exercise, or physical development. Warm weather has a lot to offer our mind, too. Plan some brain exercises, mental stimulation, or centering activities for yourself this summer. Get more out of it with support from colloidal gold. Colloidal gold supports the mind, […]

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Make the most of the unexpected. The next time bad weather keeps you home, or there’s a road closure, turn it into a mental vacation. (If nothing serendipitous happens, consider scheduling one). Taking a day off to blow off steam has been shown to increase productivity at work, boost mental health, and decrease your number […]

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Everyone has stress, anxiety, and depression from time to time. While you may not have chronic restless leg syndrome, you’ve probably experienced it occasionally (maybe in a mild, can’t get comfortable sort of way). Or you might have a general sense that you’re lagging, and your overall energy (and maybe even libido) could use a […]

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Take a Mental Health Break

February 5, 2019

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is unwind. No one is immune to it (if you think you are, you probably already have mental health breaks in your routine). Supporting your mind and brain helps keep your physical health up and makes you more productive. If you’re ready for a mental boost, start […]

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