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In the News: Hepatitis A

February 22, 2019

Hepatitis A outbreaks have been happening regularly, and they’re affecting a lot more people these days than just the small handfuls of years past. Right now, Columbus, Ohio has its largest outbreak since 1999—with ten times as many cases (over 1600). Hepatitis A is a preventable disease mostly spread by poor hygiene, in other words, […]


Keep Fighting the Flu

February 21, 2019

Flu season is still going strong, and in an effort to fight it schools in several states are closing to prevent the disease from spreading. It’s possible the continued strength of flu season means it will go late this year, which could mean watching out for flu until May or June. The waves of snowstorms […]


No one source of Salmonella has been found since the start of raw turkey being recalled at the end of 2017, and new cases are still being reported despite recalls and other actions. Here’s what you need to know and how to stay safe from Salmonella. No turkey is safe. All across the nation, most […]


It’s not news that inflammation is bad for you. What is new and newsworthy is the research into how it works and what, specifically, it’s doing. The latest study adds some illumination on chronic inflammation, showing that it can cause early mental decline. Take steps to reduce inflammation, including supporting your body with colloidal silver. […]


The Good News About Bird Flu

February 15, 2019

Haven’t heard about bird flu in a while? It’s good news. The virus has mutated away from humans… for now, at least. This flu season and last flu season have been bad, but the threat of bird flu hasn’t been a part of it. The bad news comes in a bunch of small pieces. Bird […]