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Colloidal Silver

Warts are devilishly tricky to get rid of—without treatment, some types of warts can take up to two years to clear up. Other types of warts can dig in and spread without treatment. In the meantime, they cause unsightly growths on skin—sometimes prominently on the face or neck, hands, or feet. While prevention is always […]

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What is a Colloid?

March 24, 2020

Your highschool science curriculum may or may not have covered “what is a colloid”? Depending on what you studied, it may not have come up—or discussing colloids may not have been a central point, just an aside.  Still, it’s easy enough to learn, and it opens up the discussion about colloidal supplements. What is a […]


Itchy, scratchy, flaky, embarrassing. Ringworm is a contagious rash you can pick up anywhere; while most people might picture the pool, the gym, or children’s play areas, you can get ringworm from a simple hug or handshake, or even from your pet! Because ringworm can spread through surfaces (clothing and commonly touched objects) you may […]

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Colloidal silver is useful as an immune supporting supplement. It’s also used traditionally in creams, ointments, and more to support healthy, beautiful skin—and is even used today in over-the-counter skin supporting products (although often as a cheaper form of silver). There are lots of ways to use colloidal silver to support skin and more—wondering how? […]

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For many people, pets are family and keeping them healthy is just as important as keeping everyone else in your home healthy! It can also be scary and expensive. Dogs and cats can’t tell us when they’re sick—and humans don’t know all the cues that may indicate the early stages of an illness. Then, getting […]