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Colloidal Silver

Ever heard the famous quote about how getting hit by a bus is comedy, but a paper-cut is a tragedy? No matter how small an injury is, it shouldn’t be ignored. It hurts. It’s a source of inflammation. And any cut or scrape could become infected if not properly cared for. To help your small […]

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Flu Activity High and Rising

December 4, 2019

If you’re making any decisions based on avoiding the flu: beware that flu activity is high and climbing. Some areas are experiencing record high flu activity over the last ten years—and still reporting weekly increases. Be aware of your local flu report and stay on top of immune system support with colloidal silver. Last year […]

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Dry winter weather is harsh on skin, often leading to cracks. Those cracks not only hurt all by themselves, they can lead to other health problems, like infection. Cracked feet are a common winter problem, and a likely source of fungal infection, which can make getting rid of cracks almost impossible! The internet is full […]


Bacteria Filled Make-Up?

November 27, 2019

You may think of yourself as cleanly, but if you’re regularly using make-up, these common mistakes may have you rubbing bacteria, fungi, viruses and more all over your face. This can contribute to rosacea, acne, pink eye… and potentially worse, like another flu cycle or cold. Luckily, colloidal silver can help support you through make-up […]

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Bolster Your Winter Boots

November 26, 2019

When precipitation starts—whether you’re in a foggy, rainy part of the country or a snowy one—you’ll want to reach for the warmest, dryest boots you have. To help them last longer and keep them smelling fresh, make sure the insides are protected by Smelly Shoe Spray. In Colorado, big snow storms are followed by weeks […]