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A Rough Start to Flu Season

October 9, 2019

Flu patients have been turning up in hospitals since early September, so we know several cities already have flu circulating. While people with weakened immune systems are usually the first patients, as the weather gets colder and drier more people will catch the flu. Make sure you’re prepared with immune supporting colloidal silver.  This year […]

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While saving the environment is nice, it may not be keeping us as clean as past practices did. When it comes to washing clothes, modern efficient washers leave more germs behind then older, less efficient models. Spruce up your washing machine and other appliances with Hot Tub Silver. When it comes to keeping Hospital Acquired […]


Winter is a hard season for skin. It’s dry, harsh, and can create a “chalky” look. People rarely get told they have glowing skin during the winter! Support skin health with colloidal silver.  Colloidal silver works for all skin types—young, old, male, female, oily, or dry. Silver is well-known for supporting healthy skin and is […]

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In the news. On the radio. Over the loudspeaker at the grocery store. On billboards, internet ads, and everywhere else… there are warnings about flu season, and being prepared early this year! Predictions are based off of the Southern Hemisphere’s flu season, which was particularly hard this year, as well as early cases in US […]

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Flu season is predicted to hit early and hard this year gauged by Australia’s flu season, the still unexplained double flu season we had last year, and other signs of the flu (there’s already been a flu death this year). Are you ready to prevent flu symptoms with support from colloidal silver and more? One […]

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