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Breathe through your nose again. Stop sniffling. Sleep better. Clear out gunk that might cause an infection—or spread one to your ears, eyes, or lungs. Feel better when you have cold, RSV, or flu symptoms. Do it all by clearing your sinus with a sinus flood. Allergies, illness, and lingering symptoms can cause congestion, which […]

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Sinus Flood Season

March 21, 2019

With what seems like a neverending flu season and just enough warm weather that pollen is going to be starting soon, sinuses everywhere are going to need extra support. Be ready to clear the gunk out with a Sinus Flooding Kit—and get rid of the deepest, thickest mucus. Cold, flu, and other viruses can cause […]

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Keep Things Clear this Fall

November 1, 2018

Dry air, moldy leaves, cold, flu, or chronic sinus problems—at this time of year, it’s not uncommon to hear sniffling, blowing, and throat clearing everywhere you go. If you’re suffering from congestion (even if it’s in the form of someone else’s snoring keeping you up at night) get it cleared out with our Sinus Flooding […]

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You don’t have to have a cold to experience congestion. During this time of year, the cold dry weather can easily trigger all kinds of mucus, whether it’s hard and blocked, runny, or somewhere in between. You might spend all day battling it, only to continue into the night, fighting to breathe, and to sleep. […]

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Is It Allergies or a Cold?

September 13, 2018

The hard part about this time of year is that allergy season and cold season overlap for a little while. So when your nose is running and you feel a little under the weather, you might find yourself wondering—is it a cold, or just allergies? One thing to do right away is to alleviate symptoms. […]

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