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Enjoy the Warm Weather

January 19, 2018

While some parts of the US have had blankets of snow, others are having an unseasonably warm winter. Take advantage of the health benefits of the warm weather: get outside and move around! If you normally suffer from the winter blues or even full blown seasonal depression, this could be an easier winter for you. […]

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Relax the Winter Aches

December 5, 2017

A cold day chilling your bones, a bout of cold that reaches through each arm and leg, a fun day in the snow that leaves aches, or just an average bout of tension that cricks your neck and back, one or more of these can strike on a winter’s day, so be sure to have […]

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Keep Active All Winter Long

November 7, 2017

The clocks turned back, days are getting shorter and colder, and there’s a collective need in the air to huddle indoors where it’s warm and cozy. But don’t let any of that cut into your good health habits, like exercise. Keeping exercise up through fall and then winter has more health benefits than average: going […]

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Cold weather is the start of a more intense season of illness for a reason, as well as some minor inconveniences from the accompanying drop in humidity (or at least they start that way). Stay active against the change in weather, and get a start on a healthy fall and winter. Start by running a […]

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Don’t Go To Bed Sore

July 18, 2017

Working out, trying new things, or just plain working is good, but it can later be counterbalanced by angry muscles, a kinked neck, and a creeping tension headache (any of which might cause insomnia, or disrupt other activities). You don’t have to tolerate the pain, do something to ease it and move on with your […]

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