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Good News, Coffee Drinkers

January 15, 2014

Weather you need a morning pick-me-up or just hate the taste of water (but don’t want the calories of juice or artificial flavor), two new studies have reinforced the benefits of drinking coffee (and tea). First, caffeine improves your long term memory. This isn’t the first study to make the finding, but it does reinforce […]

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Cold and flu tend to hog the spotlight in winter, but minor ailments, like headaches, tend to be more common this time of year too. If you find yourself rubbing your temples, squeezing your eyes, and pinching the bridge of your nose, go through this list and see if you can banish that nasty winter […]

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Heat Wave In The West

July 1, 2013

If you live in the western US, you already know that there’s a heatwave. You may or may not have noticed headlines reporting the dangers of the heat wave. Humans and their pets are at risk for burns, dehydration, and heat stroke, but here’s how to avoid it: -Drink water steadily. While you should really […]

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A new study has uncovered a link between Orthostatic Hypotension—that light-headed dizziness people sometimes experience when standing up too quickly—and future development of heart disease. Orthostatic Hypotension is caused by a quick drop in blood pressure. Underlying causes include medications, dehydration, and prolonged bed rest. If you experience this type of dizziness while taking prescription […]

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