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All nutrients have an important role to play in the body, but Vitamin D seems to be absolutely critical to our health. Both overall mental and physical well-being seem strongly tied to getting enough Vitamin D, and new research adds a strong correlation to overall all cancer risk. Make sure you start each day with […]


It’s not news–study after study is finding that there’s a strong link between the gut and the brain. That link could influence mood, weight/appetite, personality, and more. As more evidence mounts, and specific bacteria get tied to management of depression, anxiety, and more, a probiotic treatment (or even prevention) of many diseases may be in […]

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Make 2018 the Best Year Yet

January 1, 2018

Set the goal now to fill 2018 with happiness, friendship, and peace. A good outlook and some time spent with supportive, loving friends isn’t just a nice thing to have, it can benefit your health. Besides cutting out health ruining stress, studies have found that being positive (and happier) is associated with a stronger immune […]

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In olden times, all sorts of feelings, moods, and personality traits were attributed to various parts of the digestive system. Even into recent times they were sometimes blamed on what you ate. There may have been a grain of truth to such thinking, as researchers continue to discover the ways our gut, and the bacteria […]

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Kick the Christmas Stress

December 25, 2017

There’s a lot of pressure to have the perfect holiday. Songs, films, and advertisements start setting expectations in October, and now with social media, you see the best of all your friends’ efforts, too. But perfection is a lot of planning and effort, and at a time of year where seasonally, we’re all more prone […]

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