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This summer, there’s more to watch out for than the usual heat: a bigger snake population, an outbreak of a dog illness, and ticks. Here’s how to keep not just you, but your furry friends safe and healthy this summer with safety tips, immune support from colloidal silver, and more. If you didn’t already know, […]


Superbugs have been increasingly in the headlines over the last decade. Last year, the battle against antibiotic resistance turned a corner for the worse, with the genes for drug resistance being found in bacteria around the globe, and antibiotic resistant STDs spreading and causing nightmare infections. Many are already aware of the major causes of […]

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Give Back to Your Dogs

August 28, 2018

Study after study has revealed that owning—or even just bonding with a pup—can improve your health. Make sure that you’re giving back to your canine companion with lots of love, regular doctor visits, and even a little daily immune support with colloidal silver. How do pets help us? Owning a dog may cut your risk […]

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Flu is normally a winter illness. Winter is cold and dry, allowing viruses like cold and flu to spread more easily (which is why running a humidifier can help). While flu season can sometimes last until June, we don’t normally worry about it in July or August. But if you have dogs, you should. Last […]

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Ticks carrying Lyme Disease are found in more counties every summer, and a few years ago we passed the point where more than half of US counties now have Lyme Disease. Lyme disease is spreading in other ways, too. In Connecticut, disease testing is revealing higher numbers of ticks carrying Lyme Disease—about 10% more than […]

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