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Gut bacteria have been revealed to be central to our health. The health and composition of our gut bacteria is woven tightly into our weight, our mental state, our impulses, our heart, and more. There are lots of known ways to help or hurt them, and here’s one more for the list: drugs other than […]


Medicine is great, but most people rely on them a little too heavily. There is no magic pill that will instantly make you better, but people demand antibiotics for their viral infections anyway (which it won’t cure). The trick is to work with your doctor to optimize your medications. Different people absorb medication differently, or […]

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Beware Free Samples

April 17, 2014

…At least when it comes to drugs. Analyzing the prescribing practices of doctors, researchers concluded that being in the habit of giving out freebies actually cost patients money. The free samples doctors get are usually for the most expensive drug. This isn’t necessarily the best drug for the problem, or the one with the fewest […]

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You’re probably familiar with the gag: the bottle of your [insert medication here] has a long list of side effects, and some of them are the same as the symptoms you’re trying to treat! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With all the drugs out there, there’s an almost uncountable number of possible […]

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The excitement of new Hepatitis C drugs has been taken back with the news that one (and possibly several others with similar chemical structures) causes liver toxicity. The toxicity could affect new products in testing at 3 of 4 pharmaceutical companies testing new Hepatitis C drugs. About Hepatitis C: Hepatitis C is a virus that […]

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