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Ebola Spreading Quickly

April 8, 2019

Following cautious optimism from the WHO that the outbreak of Ebola in the Congo could be contained, Ebola spent a few weeks spreading fast and breaking records. Unfortunately, violence and disruption in the regions most heavily affected by Ebola is making it hard for doctors to contain the outbreak. If you’ve been following along, then […]


Ebola: A World Away?

March 25, 2019

The second largest Ebola outbreak is still growing, with more than a thousand cases so far (the biggest Ebola outbreak spanned 3 years, from 2013-16, and had over 11,000 cases). An increased population, fighting (including 5 attacks on medical aid centers in the last month), and shifting populations is making control of the outbreak near […]


Ebola Edging In

February 13, 2019

First, the good news: no one in the US has tested positive for Ebola since the outbreak a few years ago. But here’s the bad news: watching for an Ebola outbreak is the new reality. As Ebola rages in the Congo, out of control and still spreading, there have been a few travelers who’ve been […]

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The Ebola outbreak in the Congo is only getting bigger, and as this point things are looking worse, not better—and Ebola is now being called “entrenched”. That means that experts are no longer looking at this like it’s curable, and that we need to all look at it as a permanent risk. That means caution […]

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As Ebola cases in the Congo pass 600, more complications are prolonging the outbreak. Aid workers have been hampered by conflict in the region, and recent political drama has caused another wave of drama and conflict, as well as an attack on a hospital. With Ebola now in major cities/urban areas, there’s an increasing chance […]

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