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So many things can mess with your digestion… disease, diet, or aging (which comes for us all). Most of us don’t consider food or eat passed our lips, but digestion is a big deal. Poor digestion can be uncomfortable, it can interfere with sleep. Over time, it can impact health as your body struggles to […]


Get Better Digestion

November 25, 2016

It’s probably on your mind already—digestion—whether you’re uncomfortable right now, or thinking about how you need to make better decisions in the future. You might be a healthy eater, cheat occasionally, or subscribed to the typical American diet. All types can sometimes run into digestion troubles, because what we eat is only the beginning. Yes, […]

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Most people just accept scars, especially older ones. But you can help your skin heal scars both old and new, naturally. It’s actually pretty simple, it just requires a little bit of support, inside and out. Once a wound is healed and you’re left with a scar, make sure you take a couple ongoing precautions: […]

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End the Discomfort

October 20, 2016

If you’re struggling to find food that doesn’t leave you with stomach upset—whether that’s gas/bloating, churning and cramps, or a vague, unsettled feeling—end it. After all, it may or may not be the food you’re eating that’s the cause. There are a lot of reasons you may have an upset stomach, and you can solve […]

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You might spend a lot of time thinking about nutrition: after all, the message is everywhere from how much salt, fat, and sugar is in your diet to how many nutrients aren’t. Plus, there’s how you feel, and even how you look. But what about how you eat? Eating patterns can affect how well you […]

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