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Gear Up For Cold & Flu Season

September 23, 2014

It’s rare that we have to start talking about cold and flu season in September. But with so many kids hospitalized with cold-like symptoms (and many more kids, and likely adults, experiencing non-urgent symptoms), it’s worth a chat. Technically, it’s not yet cold & flu season—we’re just smack in the middle of Enterovirus season—which should […]

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Although the CDC is being super slow to confirm cases (so go ahead and mentally multiply any published number you see) more and more states are reporting cases. In case you missed it—Enterovirus, or EV-D68—is a relative of colds and polio. It’s symptoms are that of a very serious cold, and the people who have […]

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EV-D68, a type of Enterovirus (the common cold/Rhinovirus is also of this type), is sweeping through the midwest. From Denver to Kansas City to Chicago, 12 states are reporting an outbreak and seeing hundreds of kids hospitalized. Usually, EV-D68 is rare, although it’s serious. Like other Enteroviruses, it crops up occasionally in the fall, with […]

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