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According to a global study, moving around more throughout the day is more effective at supporting good health than just going to the gym. The more active you can be throughout your day, the better your heart health (as well as pretty much everything else, since exercise impacts your body from your brain to your […]


Sometimes it’s the little things. The best way to prevent Type 2 Diabetes is with a combination of a healthy diet and exercise that supports a healthy weight. But if you’re working hard on that journey, a little extra boost can’t hurt, and having a few more antioxidants in your diet may do the trick, […]

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Keep Active All Winter Long

November 7, 2017

The clocks turned back, days are getting shorter and colder, and there’s a collective need in the air to huddle indoors where it’s warm and cozy. But don’t let any of that cut into your good health habits, like exercise. Keeping exercise up through fall and then winter has more health benefits than average: going […]

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Exercise is good for the mind and body, and according to a new study, it’s even better when you use your mind to do it. Exercise that requires coordination like learning a new dance routine was shown to improve physical balance as well as brain volume, connectivity, and more. Being mentally engaged with what you’re […]

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There are lots of reasons to supplement with colloidal gold, which is reported to boost memory, focus & concentration, hand-eye coordination, mood, energy, and more. After all, there’s a lot to be said for the mind-body connection, and taking care of your mind makes as much sense or more as taking care of your body. […]

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