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Sugar is the biggest villain in nutrition these days. Part of the vitriol it gets, I think at least in part, is due to some righteous anger about how the sugar industry put blame on fat, and denied Americans decades of delicious, savory, fatty meals. Now we have the keto diet where you’re encouraged to […]


The government recommends 30 minutes of walking each day, and according to 2008 guidelines, that should be in at least 10 minute increments. Good news… better, more thorough research is changing those guidelines to make them even simpler: you can get the health benefits of exercise with just 2 minute intervals 15 times throughout the […]

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Shape Up Your Heart

March 14, 2018

It’s never too late to improve your health. Starting a good habit in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond can still make a difference. Good habits can improve quality of life and slow down or even reverse signs of aging. Just one change can perk up other areas of health, too.

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Get Inspired This Spring

March 12, 2018

Looking for inspiration? It may already be swirling in your brain, you just need a gentle push. Spring is the perfect time to grow new ideas. Try these tips to get things started, and boost your brain daily with colloidal gold for more creative support.

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Enjoy the Warm Weather

January 19, 2018

While some parts of the US have had blankets of snow, others are having an unseasonably warm winter. Take advantage of the health benefits of the warm weather: get outside and move around! If you normally suffer from the winter blues or even full blown seasonal depression, this could be an easier winter for you. […]

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