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Take a Mental Health Break

February 5, 2019

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is unwind. No one is immune to it (if you think you are, you probably already have mental health breaks in your routine). Supporting your mind and brain helps keep your physical health up and makes you more productive. If you’re ready for a mental boost, start […]


Fight Modern Insomnia

October 29, 2018

Insomnia is nothing new, but a new, common, widespread cause of it sort of is: being overtired. If you’ve dealt with young children, you likely know all about being overtired—it’s when you miss getting them to sleep when they’re ready, and they get a second wind, and end up wound up and unable to sleep, […]

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The last big report shared that over half of all US counties have Lyme Disease. Now, Quest Diagnostics has released data based on blood samples that it’s clear: all 50 states have Lyme Disease (and, logically, the ticks that carry it). Many of these regions aren’t aware. Patients aren’t aware to check for ticks or […]

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It may be June, but plenty of people are still sporting pale winter skin—which is fine, as long as you’re getting Vitamin D elsewhere. You need more than you think—or is recommended. What they say you should be getting in terms of Vitamin D is just the minimum, most people need more to function better. […]

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Extreme exhaustion, flu like symptoms, and more chase around people who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It can wreck your life, but not all doctors take it seriously: some see it as all in patient’s heads, attention seeking, or, occasionally, drug seeking. But it’s real, and a new test may find it from its unique signature […]

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