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Flu Season

Keep Fighting the Flu

February 21, 2019

Flu season is still going strong, and in an effort to fight it schools in several states are closing to prevent the disease from spreading. It’s possible the continued strength of flu season means it will go late this year, which could mean watching out for flu until May or June. The waves of snowstorms […]


The Good News About Bird Flu

February 15, 2019

Haven’t heard about bird flu in a while? It’s good news. The virus has mutated away from humans… for now, at least. This flu season and last flu season have been bad, but the threat of bird flu hasn’t been a part of it. The bad news comes in a bunch of small pieces. Bird […]


Flu Still Spreading

January 10, 2019

The number of flu cases is still going up—so it’s expected that we still have several more weeks of influenza to get through. Make sure you’re keeping up best practices to avoid the flu and supporting your immune system with colloidal silver. There’s good news and bad news to go with it; the bad news […]

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Every country is vulnerable against a possible outbreak, and flu is the pathogen most likely to cause one. Studies are being done to evaluate risk—how many people does the average person interact with in a day? In how wide an area? —and so forth. The conclusion they’re coming to is we all need a plan—at […]

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A Start to Flu Season

September 14, 2018

If you think you’re safe from the flu until at least October… think again. Florida is already seeing a surge of flu patients, although it hasn’t been long enough for them to declare an official start to flu season. Whether you’re traveling or just out in your community, start preparing for the flu now.

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