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Every country is vulnerable against a possible outbreak, and flu is the pathogen most likely to cause one. Studies are being done to evaluate risk—how many people does the average person interact with in a day? In how wide an area? —and so forth. The conclusion they’re coming to is we all need a plan—at […]


Norovirus Season Begins

September 24, 2018

With two Utah schools experiencing Norovirus outbreaks in addition to a number of other outbreaks across the country, Norovirus season has begun. It doesn’t get the same headlines as cold and flu season, but it works the same way. Cold, dry weather sets in and Norovirus starts to spread (cold, dry weather helps spread a […]

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A Start to Flu Season

September 14, 2018

If you think you’re safe from the flu until at least October… think again. Florida is already seeing a surge of flu patients, although it hasn’t been long enough for them to declare an official start to flu season. Whether you’re traveling or just out in your community, start preparing for the flu now.

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It’s time to prepare for the start of cold and flu season again. The CDC is predicting another early start to flu season, and advising everyone to get their flu shots now. The good news is that, while the flu can be unpredictable, signs point to a mild flu season. If you want to prepare […]

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Flu is normally a winter illness. Winter is cold and dry, allowing viruses like cold and flu to spread more easily (which is why running a humidifier can help). While flu season can sometimes last until June, we don’t normally worry about it in July or August. But if you have dogs, you should. Last […]

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