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No longer just a way to chide those who whine, man flu is real, according to some research. Flu symptoms may be more severe in men, justifying that extra rest and complaining that’s alluded to by the term “man flu”. The research found that men are more likely to be hospitalized for flu, and some […]


There’s plenty of time between now and the end of the year, but that time if filled with parties, travel, cold, flu, norovirus, RSV, and more. Don’t wait until you’re regrouping and launching work on your New Year’s resolutions, make sure you’re loaded up on immune supporting colloidal silver today. Colloidal silver is a dark […]


Remember those predictions that we’ll have a bad flu season, because Australia did? They’re turning out to have been pretty accurate. Just in time for all that holiday travel the number of flu cases in the US is increasing, with severe side effects. Right now, the South has the biggest upward flu trend, but all […]


Don’t struggle through winter with a runny nose at every cold snap and a reactive sneeze every time the heater kicks on, make sure that you’re prepared for it all with a Sinus Flooding Kit. There’s a lot that can make your nose and deep sinuses react and fill with mucus, making it hard to […]


Is the Flu Shot Worth It?

November 9, 2017

Last year, the flu shot, at best, was 42% effective—and only 34% effective against the dominant strain. And that peak efficacy is for otherwise strong, healthy, young-ish people. This year is expected to be another year of an ineffective flu shot (and that’s on top of what’s already expected to be a severe flu shot). […]

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