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Sinus Flood Season

March 21, 2019

With what seems like a neverending flu season and just enough warm weather that pollen is going to be starting soon, sinuses everywhere are going to need extra support. Be ready to clear the gunk out with a Sinus Flooding Kit—and get rid of the deepest, thickest mucus. Cold, flu, and other viruses can cause […]


Flu Still Ramping Up

March 14, 2019

It’s March, but there’s no end in sight to flu season. Experts are predicting that we haven’t seen the peak yet as flu continues to ramp up week after week. Some cities are just now getting their seasonal flu outbreaks and seeing patients swarm into clinics. Keep up on immune support and flu prevention for […]


The Good News About Bird Flu

February 15, 2019

Haven’t heard about bird flu in a while? It’s good news. The virus has mutated away from humans… for now, at least. This flu season and last flu season have been bad, but the threat of bird flu hasn’t been a part of it. The bad news comes in a bunch of small pieces. Bird […]

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Widespread Flu

February 7, 2019

Flu is widespread across the country, which means it isn’t time to let down your guard. (If you like groundhog’s day—an early spring has been predicted this year, so maybe warm weather will come chase the flu away). Here’s a refresher on flu prevention, including keeping up on immune supporting colloidal silver. From North Dakota […]

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You get sick, and you get over it—or almost. After you get better from a cold, the flu, or another virus, you might find a new symptom—that runny nose, congestion, or just sneezing has left behind a sinus infection. Don’t let it fester, evict it with a Sinus Flooding Kit. Pain in your face, persistent […]

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