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You’re not imagining it; people are still coming down with the flu. This is the longest flu season in a decade at 21+ weeks, thanks to a second flu strain that started circulating in February. While the first strain that started in the fall was well-matched to this year’s vaccine, the February strain is not—so […]


Flu Season Stretches On

April 10, 2019

The CDC has extended flu season, although severity is pretty regional at this point. That means you need to keep up with flu prevention, because cold snaps and travel can still cause swells of the flu. Make sure you’re stocked up on colloidal silver, since this year’s flu season is unlikely to end in April. […]

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Normally flu is on the way out by March—but not this year. The flu is still—officially—widespread across 44 states. The forecast is that it will last at least a few more weeks, well into April, and that this new surge of H3N2 will be hard on seniors (as it has traditionally been). While clinic visits […]

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Sinus Flood Season

March 21, 2019

With what seems like a neverending flu season and just enough warm weather that pollen is going to be starting soon, sinuses everywhere are going to need extra support. Be ready to clear the gunk out with a Sinus Flooding Kit—and get rid of the deepest, thickest mucus. Cold, flu, and other viruses can cause […]

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Flu Still Ramping Up

March 14, 2019

It’s March, but there’s no end in sight to flu season. Experts are predicting that we haven’t seen the peak yet as flu continues to ramp up week after week. Some cities are just now getting their seasonal flu outbreaks and seeing patients swarm into clinics. Keep up on immune support and flu prevention for […]

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