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If you’re flu symptoms are getting worse, don’t wait to get help. Some ERs are overflowing with flu patients. A surge in flu has been expected, and hospital reports bring evidence that it may be here. Pediatric cases are up, ERs are full, and more severe cases are being reported. Remember, you can get the […]

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A few weeks ago, researchers tracking the flu predicted a second wave of flu this season as we had yet to see Flu A hit its peak (and holiday travel helps to spread flu). Now we’re maybe seeing the peak as states report a surge in flu cases. Make sure to keep supporting your immune […]

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The Power of a Sneeze

December 18, 2019

Eight feet away and up to 100 miles per hour—that’s the potential germ spreading power of a sneeze. You might be getting sick, already sick, or just carrying cold or flu, but it’s important to slow and stop the spread of germs this cold and flu season. And when people cough and sneeze around you—make […]

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Type B Flu Rate High

December 11, 2019

Once thought a mild flu strain because it mutates slowly, we now know influenza Type B to be responsible for some of the most serious flu cases—especially in more vulnerable populations (people with weaker immune systems). During most flu seasons Type B flu makes up ⅓ of cases. This season, which is already going hard […]

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Flu Activity High and Rising

December 4, 2019

If you’re making any decisions based on avoiding the flu: beware that flu activity is high and climbing. Some areas are experiencing record high flu activity over the last ten years—and still reporting weekly increases. Be aware of your local flu report and stay on top of immune system support with colloidal silver. Last year […]

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