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Colloidal Gold Benefits

March 11, 2020

Gold is no longer just for kings and currency—humans have been attracted to gold for millenia, and it’s for more reasons that just its shine. Gold as a trace mineral for the human body may have some benefits for the mind and body. With colloidal gold, you can get a daily dose of gold nanoparticles […]

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Focus, memory, coordination… when you’re off your game your day, your week, or your month can really spiral. From losing your keys to forgetting an appointment to dropping the ball on a project, good mental focus and strength is important. When you do find it, you’re unstoppable, with better precision, efficiency, and an easier feeling […]

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Better memory. Better focus. Better mood. And a better impact over the mind-body connection. It’s not hippy woo-woo. Your brain needs support, exercise, and attention just like your bones, muscles, skin and other organs. To boost your brain power, start giving your “you” organ daily support with colloidal gold and these best practices! Why colloidal […]

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It might be something new—a hobby, a skill, or a job—it might be improving or maintaining something old—but we all have goals. It takes mental and physical coordination to meet most goals, as well as determination. Support all three with colloidal gold. What is colloidal gold? Colloidal gold is just two things: pure (not ionic) […]

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Focus, memory, concentration, and energy levels have their ups and downs—whether it’s on the scale of your daily circadian rhythm, a yearly cycle where you react to the weather, or one where the ups and downs go along with other external factors. And it’s all connected, when our energy is better, our focus and concentration […]

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