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Poor digestion can cause subtle discomfort—a sluggish afternoon, poor sleep, or just crabbiness—or it can cause large disruptions—an increasingly limited diet, insomnia, and disruptive stomach pain. Some people have food triggers, sometimes it’s the amount, or a change in diet and then for some it’s just everything. Struggling through elimination diets, carefully combing through ingredient […]

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Get the Gunk Out

May 9, 2017

You probably pay a lot of attention to what goes in your body, choosing high-quality multivitamins, eating healthy meals with carefully requested ingredients, and being choosy about sunscreen and makeup. But what about what comes out? There are a couple of things you can do to support your body as it detoxes the extras we’re […]

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Soothing Heartburn

March 1, 2017

Dodging the after meal heartburn ache can take some serious tinkering. Not only is each person a little different, there are many factors to contend with. But it’s worth the extra effort! Past studies have linked frequent use of antacids with mental fog, and a new study now ties ongoing heartburn medication with kidney damage, […]

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Get Better Digestion

November 25, 2016

It’s probably on your mind already—digestion—whether you’re uncomfortable right now, or thinking about how you need to make better decisions in the future. You might be a healthy eater, cheat occasionally, or subscribed to the typical American diet. All types can sometimes run into digestion troubles, because what we eat is only the beginning. Yes, […]

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If you focus on eating healthy foods: good! Eating right is one of the biggest hurdles to being healthy. Whether you focus on making vegetables and fruit the biggest portions, or are eating an alternate diet (Asian, Latin, and other cuisines are great for avoiding wheat, dairy, and other common allergens), the effort you put […]

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