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It’s a common infection, and the symptoms may not be what you think. At any given time an estimated 1 in 4 people have Athlete’s Foot. With a range of symptoms, that persistent peculiarity may actually be a result of this common, treatable illness. Here’s how you can avoid and treat Athlete’s Foot with help […]

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Has summer taken a toll on your feet? Rough cement at the bottom of pools and around them. Running around barefoot, in flip flops, or in sandals. Your heels might be getting dry, your nails chipped. Even with a weekly pedicure, you could be doing a smidge of prevention that goes a long way to […]

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Get Ready For Spring

March 7, 2014

It may be cloudy out, and Easter may be coming way later this year, but I don’t care. I’m ready for spring, and I want my wardrobe ready to go as soon as it’s warm enough! I’m sure many of you are in the same boat, especially if you’re in a part of the country […]

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