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Itchy, scratchy, flaky, embarrassing. Ringworm is a contagious rash you can pick up anywhere; while most people might picture the pool, the gym, or children’s play areas, you can get ringworm from a simple hug or handshake, or even from your pet! Because ringworm can spread through surfaces (clothing and commonly touched objects) you may […]

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Dry winter weather is harsh on skin, often leading to cracks. Those cracks not only hurt all by themselves, they can lead to other health problems, like infection. Cracked feet are a common winter problem, and a likely source of fungal infection, which can make getting rid of cracks almost impossible! The internet is full […]

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Bolster Your Winter Boots

November 26, 2019

When precipitation starts—whether you’re in a foggy, rainy part of the country or a snowy one—you’ll want to reach for the warmest, dryest boots you have. To help them last longer and keep them smelling fresh, make sure the insides are protected by Smelly Shoe Spray. In Colorado, big snow storms are followed by weeks […]

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More Superbugs

July 26, 2019

Superbugs are more than just antibiotic resistant bacteria, they’re antifungal resistant fungi and adaptive, hard to treat viruses, too. As the world changes, more superbugs are appearing and creating new challenges for hospitals. One new superfungus is Candida auris fungus (C. auris). Hard to diagnose and with generic fungal symptoms, C. auris has snuck its […]

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A Superbug Fungus

April 15, 2019

It’s not just antibiotic resistance that’s a problem. There’s been a growing outbreak of an antifungal resistant fungus the last few years. Candida auris is a fungal infection mostly striking those with other severe conditions. In general, it’s common for people who’ve had a prolonged treatment with antibiotics to be more susceptible to fungal infections […]

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