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There are lots of ways to support your health: you could make sure you have enough time for a good night’s rest, plan a nutritious meal, or make sure you’re taking all your supporting supplements (like colloidal silver or Vita One). Some support is external (like taking supplements), some is just good self care (like […]


Shaping and cultivating your gut bacteria to support a healthy mind and body is the future of medicine, and more importantly self-care. It’s one of the easiest health breakthroughs to get in front of. You just need a healthy diet, some fermented foods (the kind you find in the refrigerated section) and some probiotic support, […]

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The rabbit hole of research into the good bacteria that make up your gut is getting deeper. There’s a strong link between what bacteria (and in what proportions) are in your gut and chronic fatigue syndrome. In fact, the link is clear enough that the research may lead to a better diagnostic tool by allowing […]

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The Effects of Stress

November 14, 2016

It’s been a stressful year for everyone. Last week we talked about breaking out of the cycle stress can stick you in. But all over social media, people are still talking about experiencing the side-effects of stress, including IBS, high blood pressure, insomnia, and weakened immune system (the short way of saying a lot of […]

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Home Acquired Infections

September 1, 2016

Hospital acquired infections regularly make the news, but what about “home acquired infections”? Past research has shown that different tricks work to help prevent different diseases: -Running a humidifier can help prevent flu transmission -Keep a distance from anyone with the flu, some strains spread only with close transmission (to animals than human to human). […]

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