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Bacteria Filled Make-Up?

November 27, 2019

You may think of yourself as cleanly, but if you’re regularly using make-up, these common mistakes may have you rubbing bacteria, fungi, viruses and more all over your face. This can contribute to rosacea, acne, pink eye… and potentially worse, like another flu cycle or cold. Luckily, colloidal silver can help support you through make-up […]

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Bolster Your Winter Boots

November 26, 2019

When precipitation starts—whether you’re in a foggy, rainy part of the country or a snowy one—you’ll want to reach for the warmest, dryest boots you have. To help them last longer and keep them smelling fresh, make sure the insides are protected by Smelly Shoe Spray. In Colorado, big snow storms are followed by weeks […]


Hot and humid—it’s the perfect recipe for a surge in ticks, and many areas are issuing warnings and reminders. With tick season already booming in many areas following a mild winter, this hot, humid summer weather is making things worse. So stay on top of tick season, and keep supporting your immune system with colloidal […]

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During summer, people show off their pedicures, slip shoes on and off as they go inside/outside more, and keep cool with sandals, boat shoes, and other sock-less styles. But all those bare feet plus the summer heat can mean some serious odors! Freshen up your shoes and prevent foul odors from building up in your […]

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You brush, you floss, but is it enough? Indeed, there’s more you could be doing to keep your smile bright and healthy. Make sure you’re up to date on all the latest tips and research on healthy teeth! Is brushing doing more harm than good? You should brush 2-3 times a day, but timing is […]

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