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Get Focused this Fall

August 8, 2019

Now’s the perfect time to get organized, focused, and reach for your goals. Back to school sales are going, so you can pick up a planner, art supplies, and storage and organization tools/furniture. Or you can work on your inner focus and organization with support from colloidal gold. However you track and organize your life, […]

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Make 2018 the Best Year Yet

January 1, 2018

Set the goal now to fill 2018 with happiness, friendship, and peace. A good outlook and some time spent with supportive, loving friends isn’t just a nice thing to have, it can benefit your health. Besides cutting out health ruining stress, studies have found that being positive (and happier) is associated with a stronger immune […]

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Stay Focused Through Change

August 23, 2016

Change is here. Kids are back in school, the very hot summer we have is easing up, and some stores are already transitioning to holiday merchandise. While change can be good, it can knock us off focus. With Back-To-School sales going, it’s a good time to stock up on organizational supplies to help you focus […]

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Commercials are pounding us this time of year with a couple of broad stroke messages: lose weight, raise your IQ, get healthy. But those goals aren’t that great, and it’s easy to get distracted, discouraged, and disengage! What’s a good goal? If you want to lose weight, instead focus on health markers. Eating well and […]

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