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If you’re going to eat or drink something—like when you use it as a supplement—defining exactly what that thing is, is important! And in that spirit, we look at colloidal gold’s definition. What is a colloid? How or why do you use colloidal gold? Is it real gold? Before jumping into the world of colloidal […]

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What Is Colloidal Gold?

April 14, 2020

Colloidal silver may be the star colloid, most known, and with the biggest historical record; but colloidal gold shouldn’t be overlooked! Colloidal gold is a mind, and mind-body supporting supplement. People who take colloidal gold report all kinds of mental benefits. You might intuitively understand what is colloidal gold based on knowing what is colloidal […]

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Colloidal Gold Benefits

March 11, 2020

Gold is no longer just for kings and currency—humans have been attracted to gold for millenia, and it’s for more reasons that just its shine. Gold as a trace mineral for the human body may have some benefits for the mind and body. With colloidal gold, you can get a daily dose of gold nanoparticles […]

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Everyone has a mood that fluctuates between highs and lows. Our genes, gut bacteria, environment, and personalities can all impact our mood—whether we’re high on life or feeling depressed. Some people have more chronic depression symptoms, while others only go through bouts of depression. Finding support and balance is important no matter what kind of […]

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Build a Better Brain

May 3, 2019

Research consistently shows that even post-middle age, you can work to build the brain of a healthy 20-something. How? 15 minutes of sitting and doing nothing–or basically, meditate. While clearing your mind is a practice anyone can pickup, even if it’s just five minutes a day, other forms of meditation, like some yoga practices, can […]

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