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If swinging into summer means grabbing a golf club for you, you’re probably thinking about how to improve your golf game! There’s a lot of strategies that people take to lower their handicap: hitting indoor hitting and putting shops over the winter, buying the latest in golf club technology, booking your time weeks in advance […]

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Gild Your Golf Game

March 17, 2016

Golf isn’t just swinging at a ball—there’s a lot to remember, to calculate, to deduce. There’s always active learning. The time spent perfecting a swing, controlling it, fine-tuning your putting game. You need to be able to factor in the direction and speed of the wind, the dew on the grass, the slope, the clubs, […]

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Focus On Spring

January 14, 2016

Whether spring means exams, golf, hiking, or deep cleaning and organizing, gather your focus and get ready. There are a lot of factors that contribute to your ability to focus: it’s not all brain training! So get out from under the clouds of winter, and shine yourself up for spring: -Meditation. I’ll start here, because […]

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If long summer days mean more time on the greens to you, make sure you maximize your focus, hand-eye coordination and memory (if you’re taking lessons—you have to remember several things at once). Colloidal gold is reported to improve memory, focus/concentration, and more. Give yourself daily immune support. When you’re golfing, you need focus. If […]

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