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When it comes to the Zika virus, there are two messages being spread: “the US will beat it and it will be a minimal problem here”, and “oh man, this is bad, it’s even worse than we thought, panic”. Which is right? The truth is somewhere in between: the US has money to fight Zika, […]

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Getting Zika Straight

March 30, 2016

A survey has revealed that a concerning number of Americans don’t know the fundamental basics about the Zika virus—spring is warming the ground, and mosquitoes are becoming awake and active up and across the US. So read up about the fundamentals of Zika virus. Then share this article with a friend. How do you get […]

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Fighting Zika

March 4, 2016

While many outlets have stressed that the US has nothing to worry about, that’s an odd opinion. Every other country with the potential for Zika is doing everything it can (including changing cultural beliefs about pregnancy) to reduce its impact. And the US is far from prepared, in fact, we’ve got a long list of […]

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Start Spring Strongly

February 9, 2016

The predicted late flu peak has hit in many places. And with Super Bowl Weekend just passed, there’s a new round of flu that many people are experiencing. Cold and flu season can last until spring—and with winter storms still dumping snow, I would expect it to this year (don’t think you’re free of it […]

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