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How’s Your Breath?

June 7, 2019

If you just discreetly checked your breath, you’re not alone. So many things can give you breath that clears the room, and nobody wants to be that person! Luckily, a little prep can help prevent the worst of it. If you’re worried about what you’re eating, worry about the right thing. While garlic and onion […]

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Good dental hygiene goes beyond dodging cavities while freshening your breath… your mouth is the gateway to your digestive system, and anything unkempt in it is going to end up inside you. For instance, plaque on your teeth can contribute to plaque in your arteries. And your good bacteria define you, so don’t let bad […]

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Oil Pulling (aka Oil Swishing) is the latest up-and-coming health fad. Practitioners take oil, (coconut oil, which has numerous health benefits for the skin, and even the brain, seems to be the most popular) and swish it around their mouth as part of their oral health care routine. The most common benefit listed? Whiter teeth. […]

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