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Overlapping Seasons

October 3, 2018

Norovirus outbreaks, flu cases, and more winter illnesses have already been reported—but summer (warm weather) illnesses are still going. You still need to watch out for food recalls, as some areas have enough heat to fuel bacterial growth.


Research is well and truly flowing about those good (and sometimes bad) bacteria living in our gut, on our skin, and in other reservoirs, because almost everything tally’s up to it having a huge impact on pretty much every aspect of our health, and even parts of our personality. The latest: your gut bacteria may […]

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Your gut bacteria are important, they hold influence on functions all over your body, and have been linked to everything from heart health, to mood, to immune function and inflammation, and more. Now, certain (lack of) bacteria may be indicative of PTSD. Trauma from childhood may be more likely to cause PTSD later in life, […]

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While there’s now lots of evidence showing weight is strongly tied to gut bacteria, the research into just exactly how that works is still pouring in. One new study has found that the wrong sort of bacteria can change how your gastrointestinal tract perceives where you are in your circadian rhythm, and can really mess […]

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Building a healthy bacteria colony in your gut isn’t hard—and it’s really worth doing. It just takes three simple steps! First, eating is putting things—including pathogens—right into your body. The vast majority of the time there’s no issue, but we’ve all felt that stomach rumble and the following cramps that means we screwed up, and […]

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