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The good bacteria (probiotics) that are in our gut, on our skin, and elsewhere in the body are key to our good health, not just digestion. Studies have revealed links to the immune system, mental health, cardio health, aging, and more. But when do we need to boost our good bacteria, and help them to […]


Nutrition for Your Gut

January 9, 2019

There are so many discoveries about how important our gut bacteria are, they’re hard to miss. The composition of our gut may be responsible for how long we stay young, if we’re thin, if we’re happy, or even if we struggle with chronic health conditions. The list is going on and on, and as it […]

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The CDC is reminding holiday bakers that it’s gotten doubly dangerous to sneak a taste of raw cookie dough, cake batter, and other uncooked foods. While eggs have been a known risk for food poisoning for decades, in the last few years recalls have put flour into that category as well. If you want to […]

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As study after study links the composition of our gut microbiome to our health, mind, and more, hospitals and the CDC have discovered something concerning: C. diff is becoming increasingly common. Related to tetanus and botulism, C. diff is harder to prevent and treat (although sanitation helps). Traditionally, it’s thought of as an infection required […]

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Studies are starting to peel back the ways that our gut bacteria (and skin bacteria, and other bacteria colonies) may impact not just our health, but potentially who we are. If you enjoy exercise, creativity, or struggle with depression, it might actually be the bacteria. A new preliminary study is taking the causation a bit […]

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