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Hand-Eye Coordination

Despite a boom in the aging population, a smaller percentage have dementia, says new research. Improved treatment options for diabetes, heart disease, and other known risk-factors are one factor, another is that there’s more education. Although there’s mixed studies about it, the correlation with education suggests keeping your brain stimulated, active, and occupied is a […]

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Bring Gold Home

August 11, 2016

America is piling up gold medals down in Rio as the 2016 Olympics continue, thanks to our swimmers, divers, and gymnasts (with other events on-going as this is written). What might be more impressive than the amazing physical feats that they are accomplishing (and record smashing) is the mental endurance. It’s not just strong bodies, […]

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If swinging into summer means grabbing a golf club for you, you’re probably thinking about how to improve your golf game! There’s a lot of strategies that people take to lower their handicap: hitting indoor hitting and putting shops over the winter, buying the latest in golf club technology, booking your time weeks in advance […]

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Don’t Miss A Play

April 19, 2016

Colloidal gold is great mind support: whether you’re a student with lots to memorize, an athlete who benefits from the focus and hand-eye coordination, or just a worker who needs a little more concentration. Colloidal gold doesn’t just support your day job, though, it can allow you to focus and enjoy your hobbies, more, too! […]

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Gild Your Golf Game

March 17, 2016

Golf isn’t just swinging at a ball—there’s a lot to remember, to calculate, to deduce. There’s always active learning. The time spent perfecting a swing, controlling it, fine-tuning your putting game. You need to be able to factor in the direction and speed of the wind, the dew on the grass, the slope, the clubs, […]

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