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Enjoy the Warm Weather

January 19, 2018

While some parts of the US have had blankets of snow, others are having an unseasonably warm winter. Take advantage of the health benefits of the warm weather: get outside and move around! If you normally suffer from the winter blues or even full blown seasonal depression, this could be an easier winter for you. […]


Relax the Winter Aches

December 5, 2017

A cold day chilling your bones, a bout of cold that reaches through each arm and leg, a fun day in the snow that leaves aches, or just an average bout of tension that cricks your neck and back, one or more of these can strike on a winter’s day, so be sure to have […]

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Don’t Be Stopped

January 2, 2017

In our quest for better health, new things are sometimes necessary, and not everything can be as easy as taking a break with a cup of tea. Sometimes new hobbies use muscles that hadn’t been moved like that before, or added intensity to a workout or goal (like finally doing that marathon) can cause muscle […]

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If you live where there’s snow fall, there’s a good chance you’re in charge of shoveling away at least some of it. If you’re not, you may still find yourself slogging your way through it since many places won’t bother to begin snow removal until the snow stops. Want to have fewer aches and pains? […]

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Whether the deviated septum occurred naturally or through an earlier trauma, it can bring with it a lifetime of complications (which may not even start right away!). Although the standard recommendations are drugs and surgery, many want to start with milder, more natural alternatives. A deviated septum is diagnosed when the nasal cavity is so […]

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