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It’s likely most of us are fighting against some degree of inflammation and could benefit by turning our attention to it and making a decided effort to reduce it. But where to begin? The secret to reducing inflammation is to stop it from as many sources as possible. You might see a specialist who finds […]


It’s fairly well accepted that stress has tangible effects on the body. Most people don’t think about it too deeply, and keep it in the abstract, but there are an increasing amount of specific conditions that are tied to stress. Ulcers are pretty well known, and are often featured in dramatizations of stress. Another side-effect […]

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Junk food has been on its way out for over a decade. We’re putting real chocolate in what was once just “chocolate”, lowering salt and sugar content, getting rid of trans fat, and more. People are making healthier choices, and even setting out teal pumpkins to denote allergen-free alternatives. With the lure of discounted candy […]

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Plan A Healthy Christmas

December 12, 2014

Make Christmas feel good for more than the spirit this year by planning a healthy holiday. From the food to the decor, here are a few changes to make things a little healthier. -Plan a healthier menu. Christmas is the perfect time to replace processed sugar with honey, agave, or even maple syrup, which will […]

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Start Healthy Holiday Rituals

December 10, 2014

Over the years, we’ve upgraded our diets, our lifestyles, and as a culture we’re heading toward more healthy foods, fewer processed foods, and adding health to every aspect of day-to-day living. So why not add it to our holiday routines, too? Try adding afternoon tea! Flavanoids and other components give tea lots of health benefits. […]

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