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Hep C

While a small part of the rise in Hepatitis C (HCV) is probably due to newly diagnosed Baby Boomers, who were exposed more than other generations and are at an age where the incubation of Hep C is causing symptoms to appear, experts are attributing most of the 300 fold rise to the current opioid […]


July 28th is National Hepatitis Day, and it’s a day everyone should note. Even in our modern age with several treatments and a “cure” on the market, Hepatitis isn’t just a big problem, it’s a growing one! While groups like the World Health Organization are working to raise awareness, individuals can work to avoid Hepatitis […]

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A study in Colorado has shown that 90% of people with Hepatitis C are going untreated. In Tennessee, they’re seeing an uptick in cases among high-risk groups (including untreated prison populations). And Baby Boomers account for 75% of Hep C patients—and it appears they’re under-tested (and subsequently undertreated). In addition to all that, there’s still […]

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You have probably heard about the current guidelines for Hep C testing: anyone with a risk factor, which includes Baby Boomers (roughly anyone born between 1945 and 1965). But new data out of Johns Hopkins says that’s not enough. After expanding their HCV testing to anyone having a blood draw in their ER, they found […]

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Following an Outbreak

April 11, 2016

Hep C outbreaks occur at least once a year these days. They range from small—a few dozen infected, to huge, with thousands infected. The current outbreak is over in Utah, where a nurse spread her very specific strain of hepatitis to at least 16 patients. Initially, a net was cast to check to see if […]

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