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Hepatitis C

Why Hep C Is so Common

May 24, 2018

Hepatitis C is a “silent” illness—you can have it for decades with little or no symptoms. Despite not being flashy and headline grabbing, Hepatitis C is a pretty big deal, and deserves the attention of “scarier” illnesses like HIV. Why? Untreated, the damage Hepatitis C causes the lover can lead to liver failure and worse. […]


While a small part of the rise in Hepatitis C (HCV) is probably due to newly diagnosed Baby Boomers, who were exposed more than other generations and are at an age where the incubation of Hep C is causing symptoms to appear, experts are attributing most of the 300 fold rise to the current opioid […]

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Hepatitis C is, mostly, a silent virus. If you catch it, it can take decades before any real symptoms show up. Before that, you might just feel a little tired. Then, the fight for treatment begins. But the bigger problem is that Hepatitis C is super virulent, meaning it’s easy to transmit from one person […]

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July 28th is National Hepatitis Day, and it’s a day everyone should note. Even in our modern age with several treatments and a “cure” on the market, Hepatitis isn’t just a big problem, it’s a growing one! While groups like the World Health Organization are working to raise awareness, individuals can work to avoid Hepatitis […]

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Yet Another Hepatitis Outbreak

February 19, 2016

Hospitals are big. They see thousands of patients each day, many of whom need a quick dose of pain relief—a numbing shot before a simple outpatient procedure, a bigger dose before surgery, maybe a second or third dose during surgery. And here’s where things can go really, really wrong. Once or twice a year, a […]

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