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Don’t Get Sick Now

November 26, 2015

Having a good Thanksgiving weekend? Here’s to a happy time all throughout December and into the New Year! But it might take a little effort. There’s always that relative that picked up a bug on the airplane. Or the one who seems sick every year. Or maybe with the long day of parades, football, and […]

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This time of year, pet illnesses spike—it’s not some sort of doggy flu or cat cold, it’s owners sharing the delights of the season. This Thanksgiving, don’t give your dogs or cats table scraps, whether you want to share the excitement the day of, or throw them a treat as you enjoy leftovers. If you […]

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In a perfect world, you’d be in tune with your body. You’d notice all the little changes, and you’d intuit how to react to them—do you need more nutrients? Or just more water? More exercise, or do you actually need more rest (because both can boost your energy levels)? Are you really getting sick, or […]

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Plan A Healthy Christmas

December 12, 2014

Make Christmas feel good for more than the spirit this year by planning a healthy holiday. From the food to the decor, here are a few changes to make things a little healthier. -Plan a healthier menu. Christmas is the perfect time to replace processed sugar with honey, agave, or even maple syrup, which will […]

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