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Reboot From Stress

November 7, 2018

Stress is a natural part of life, but sometimes we have a little too much. Whether it’s work, life, or a major disruption to either, too much stress can zap us and leave us feeling residual effects for month. Make sure you reboot and recharge from stressful events with support from Adrenal MGRx. Tired. Still […]


Your home should be your safe place. Unfortunately, a combination of factors may make it a source of exposure to toxins that could be impacting your health. From the ubiquitous presence of plastics to antiquated regulations, here’s how to reduce, then detox your exposure to household toxins. What are the biggest risk factors? Clothing and […]

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You might be familiar with the waist-ratio identifier for heart disease, where risk for heart disease is associated with a wider stomach. There’s another visual clue you can add to it: having more gray hair. For men, the whiter their hair, the increased risk of having lots of plaque built up, regardless of age and […]

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And an actual study behind it! Here’s the “trick“: you need to work hard for your health for about a year, then your body will do better at remembering how it “should” look—or in other words, it takes about a year to retrain your hormones. Swimming Against The Tide If you’re trying to lose weight, […]

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Yeah, it’s supposed to be “you are what you eat” but when the packaging is seeping into your food, what you eat is often a bunch of chemicals. A new study has found that the more fast food you eat, the higher your phthalate levels, which impact hormones and other aspects of health. Didn’t we […]

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