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If you’re flu symptoms are getting worse, don’t wait to get help. Some ERs are overflowing with flu patients. A surge in flu has been expected, and hospital reports bring evidence that it may be here. Pediatric cases are up, ERs are full, and more severe cases are being reported. Remember, you can get the […]

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More Superbugs

July 26, 2019

Superbugs are more than just antibiotic resistant bacteria, they’re antifungal resistant fungi and adaptive, hard to treat viruses, too. As the world changes, more superbugs are appearing and creating new challenges for hospitals. One new superfungus is Candida auris fungus (C. auris). Hard to diagnose and with generic fungal symptoms, C. auris has snuck its […]

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In 2017, it became hard to not know about antibiotic resistance—because that’s when we hit a tipping point, and antibiotic resistant bacteria strains started to become almost impossible to treat as the last line of antibiotics fell to genetic mutations in the bacteria. But it’s not just bacteria that are mutating against the drugs that […]

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Following an Outbreak

April 11, 2016

Hep C outbreaks occur at least once a year these days. They range from small—a few dozen infected, to huge, with thousands infected. The current outbreak is over in Utah, where a nurse spread her very specific strain of hepatitis to at least 16 patients. Initially, a net was cast to check to see if […]

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Yet Another Hepatitis Outbreak

February 19, 2016

Hospitals are big. They see thousands of patients each day, many of whom need a quick dose of pain relief—a numbing shot before a simple outpatient procedure, a bigger dose before surgery, maybe a second or third dose during surgery. And here’s where things can go really, really wrong. Once or twice a year, a […]

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