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A report has found that art, in all its forms, may promote health and well-being. It may even save the medical system so much money that it’s worth “prescribing”. Two years of research has found evidence that art may help keep you well, recover from illness, live longer, and save money. One of the studies […]

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The CDC has put out new data that 1 in 2 Americans has a chronic health condition (like heart disease and diabetes) and 1 in 4 have TWO chronic health conditions. Most of the discussion centers around health care costs, because our healthcare system is in a bad place (the first wave of boomers that […]

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How Will You Age?

November 5, 2013

My Great Grandmother was proud that, well into her eighties, she’d impressed her doctor: she could still bend over and grab her toes. She got up early to cook for twenty people once a week, she had all her mental faculties, and she helped my grandmother in the garden every afternoon. My other Great Grandmother […]

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