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Immune Boost

A few weeks ago, researchers tracking the flu predicted a second wave of flu this season as we had yet to see Flu A hit its peak (and holiday travel helps to spread flu). Now we’re maybe seeing the peak as states report a surge in flu cases. Make sure to keep supporting your immune […]

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Get Your Immune System Going

October 15, 2019

The warnings are up: it’s time to be on the defense against not just cold and flu, but RSV, Norovirus, and dozens of other viruses that cause similar symptoms. Get natural immune support that goes beyond boosting your Vitamin C intake with Maitake Beta Glucan Extract. Food based, natural, and well-known in Eastern Medicine—Maitake Beta […]

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Flu Rates Still Climbing

January 29, 2018

Puerto Rico and every state but Hawaii are reporting widespread flu activity. While optimists keep saying we’ve hit peak, actual data indicates flu is soaring to epidemic levels. In some of the hardest hit states, hospitals are having to deal with overflow, idling ambulances outside and pitching tents. This is the worst flu season in […]

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A Super Boost from Mushrooms

November 21, 2017

Mushrooms are a wonderful superfood. With a nice savory taste that goes well in lots of dishes, there may also be lots of health benefits to eating them regularly. While other cultures have suspected as much and incorporated them into everyday dishes, mushrooms aren’t as celebrated as they could be here, and certainly aren’t eaten […]

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Flu is in the air. Different areas are already reporting signs of a severe flu season, like hospitalizations. This follows predictions based on Australia’s flu season (which is considered an indicator of ours). Australia had a severe year, and now it looks like we’re following. While it’s important everyone should prepare, certain people are more […]

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