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Why Hep C Is so Common

May 24, 2018

Hepatitis C is a “silent” illness—you can have it for decades with little or no symptoms. Despite not being flashy and headline grabbing, Hepatitis C is a pretty big deal, and deserves the attention of “scarier” illnesses like HIV. Why? Untreated, the damage Hepatitis C causes the lover can lead to liver failure and worse. […]


Having extra belly fat means there’s a good chance you’re short on Vitamin D, according to new research. It’s unclear whether lack of Vitamin D makes belly fat grow, or whether belly fat somehow causes low Vitamin D levels. Either way, Vitamin D is important for health in several ways, supporting bones, the immune system, […]


Sometimes you want or need more than immune support, you need more from the immune system itself. Give it a push with Maitake Beta Glucan Extract. Clinical trials have shown that Maitake stimulates and enhances immune cells, pushing the body to its own defense.


While modern studies may just be taking a look at colloidal silver, it’s been around for centuries. Today, nano silver particles are used in everything from paint anyone can buy (meant to keep walls germ free), to professional antimicrobial applications (where they spray everything in high-risk environments), to specially coated materials in hospitals from the […]


It should seem obvious, but it’s only now being confirmed—surgery is hard on the body, and during healing, you need more support to prevent further illness from getting in. In a new study, the link between surgical cancer removal and new cancer in other locations in the body has been pinned to the strain the […]

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