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Immune System

The common cold has already been making the rounds this year. How do you know if you have cold symptoms? And did you know you can get the common cold more than once? Get ready for the common cold this year—avoid it, get through it, and try not to get it more than once! Cold […]


Food is an important component of humanity—not just because we need to eat to survive, but because for tens of thousands of years we’ve been selecting and cultivating the plants and other foods that make us feel our best. With the modern diet and processed foods, you may not be getting those benefits in your […]

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Flu: A Look Ahead

July 12, 2019

Flu season in the Southern Hemisphere tends to foretell our own upcoming flu season fairly well—so here’s an update on Australia’s flu season. With an early start, there have been twice the number of flu related deaths so far this year in Australia, and it’s being dubbed “moderately bad” compared to last year’s “mild”. Of […]

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In the animal kingdom, mosquitoes pose the biggest threat to humans. Even in America mosquitoes can carry several diseases that if not deadly still have severe side-effects. With flooding increasing the mosquito population in several parts of the country, here’s how you can beat mosquitoes naturally—first with prevention, and second by supporting yourself with colloidal […]

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The good bacteria found in fermented foods like kimchi, yogurt, kefir, and more have long been known to be good for our health. Studies have been piling up with specific ways the gut bacteria we cultivate influence us: mood (depression and motivation), cardio health, digestion, inflammation, weight, and now researchers have found that eating probiotics […]

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