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Just the Germ-iest

March 7, 2018

Most people have a healthy respect for, if not outright fear of, public bathrooms. Caution is applied so there’s minimal touching of doors, sinks, and of course the toilet seat. Between the caution, frequent cleanings, and no touch devices, bathrooms actually aren’t so bad, and may not be what you need to worry about—instead you […]


Researchers want patients and doctors to rely more on the immune system, on supporting it, and letting it fight the illnesses that catch us now and then. Antibiotics are overused, and usually, that refers to how antibiotics are used preventatively in livestock, and prescribed for illnesses they can’t treat (things caused by viruses, like sinus […]

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I think the best kinds of studies are the ones that confirm simple truths. For example, a study has found that most recurrent bladder infections can be prevented by drinking more water. Drinking water to prevent (and help treat) bladder and other UTI infections is already folk wisdom, but with this study, there’s no excuse […]

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Burning, frequent urination, a need to go that won’t go away almost always indicate a bladder infection, according to new research. It may seem obvious, but 20% (1 in 5) people with symptoms of a bladder infection test negative when for bacteria when they visit the doctor. In an attempt to answer what’s causing bladder […]

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Stop Playing Back-And-Forth

January 5, 2017

Maybe it’s because this winter has been warmer, and the illnesses milder. Maybe it’s because everyone is too busy to stop. Maybe it’s just something in the air, but this cold and flu season has really been characterized by everyone passing and sharing germs back and forth! Do you miss work or school for a […]

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