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Burning, frequent urination, a need to go that won’t go away almost always indicate a bladder infection, according to new research. It may seem obvious, but 20% (1 in 5) people with symptoms of a bladder infection test negative when for bacteria when they visit the doctor. In an attempt to answer what’s causing bladder […]


Maybe it’s because this winter has been warmer, and the illnesses milder. Maybe it’s because everyone is too busy to stop. Maybe it’s just something in the air, but this cold and flu season has really been characterized by everyone passing and sharing germs back and forth! Do you miss work or school for a […]

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A new study has found that carrying “bad” bacteria in your microbiome, the kind that cause inflammation, can increase your risk of picking up other infections. It’s not just that it taxes your immune system, although of course it does: having any chronic health problem, even mild inflammation, means that your immune system is constantly […]

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Don’t Shuck Eye Health

October 17, 2016

Eye infections (and even worse complications) are going up. As a whole, we take advantage of our health (something that I think will come to a head as antibiotic resistance becomes a more prominent problem). One place doctors are really noticing an obvious decline is eye health. With the expectation of high-quality tap water and […]

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It’s a good thing pets can bring such joy—and that past studies have found that owning one may reduce stress and boost the immune system. Because new research is shedding light into the germs that pets bring into our home: specifically, cats and chickens (so all pet owners should support their immune systems!).

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